Congestive Heart Failure Diet Basics

When your heart is unable to pump adequate oxygen into your body, this condition is called chronic heart failure condition. There are various diseases that can cause the heart to weaken and become unable to pump the required oxygen into the body. These medical conditions are high blood pressure, kidney problems and cardiac problems. The various solutions offered to a patient suffering from Congestive heart failure conditions is changes in lifestyle, medications and introducing the patient to Congestive Heart Failure Diet.

What is a diet for congestive heart failure all about?

For a person suffering from congestive heart failure the first step to undertake is to regulate his or her diet and limit the intake of a few things. These dietary changes are explained below:

Congestive Heart Failure MenuDrinking limited quantity of water

Water is said to solve a host internal problems from acidity to constipation and medical experts advise their patients to drink three liters of water every day. But for people suffering from congestive heart failure that intake of water must be limited, especially if the patient is elderly. The reason behind this is a simple fact that patients suffering from congestive heart failure problem tend to suffer from water retention problems, also known as edema, and their legs swell. Therefore there is a check maintained for people suffer from this disease.

Understanding how salt is dangerous for those suffering from congestive heart failure disease

One important aspect of eating for Congestive Heart Failure is that it requires the reduction of the individual's intake of salt. When salt is taken in even moderate amount in food, this leads to water retention among patients. The result would be swelling in legs, abdomen and even lungs. This ultimately leads to breathing problem and then the heart collapses. For this reason, foods rich in salt like processed and fast foods should be completely avoided. CHF patients are advised to eat and prepare fresh foods, fruits and vegetables. Even pre-packaged tomato sauce should be avoided as it has high salt content. Smoked meat should also be avoided.

Abstain from using excess saturated fats

When you consume fried food items, ice creams, pastries and egg yolk, they contain high level of saturated fat. The arteries in the heart would get clogged and you would immediately suffer from chronic heart failure.

Reduce the consumption of alcohol

Most medical experts agree that small portions of alcohol can be consumed and this is good for the heart. But for those suffering from congestive heart failure, alcohol consumption acts like poison and regular intake would damage the already weak heart muscles.

10 Care tips to manage a patient suffering from congestive heart failure

Congestive Heart Failure Conditions

1. Most people who suffer from congestive heart failure tend to be obese and have a bad food habits. It becomes essential that you enjoy a healthy weight and eat a good diet which is planned by a dietician.

2. If you suffer from congestive heart failure problems you cannot do high impact exercise which would help you to lose weight. Here under the guidance of your doctor and fitness expert you would need to do low impact exercises. This could be walking in the morning or cycling at a stationary place in the gym.

3. Never over exert during exercising and this would further worsen your condition and could cause you to collapse.

4. Under the guidance of a trained dietician, reduce your intake of salt as per the guidelines of a diet for congestive heart failure patients.

5. Avoid smoking as this would worsen your heart conditions.

6. To season your foods do not use herb mixtures that have high salt content in them. Use freshly grounded pepper or fresh lime juice to liven the flavors.

7. When buying processed food, read the labels and look for items that have 350 mg or less sodium.

8. When planning your diet, the sodium, fat and cholesterol intake should not be more than 100% of the Recommended Daily Value.

9. Check the grams of fat and sodium when selecting foods.

10. Remove salt shakers from the table to discourage the temptation to use them.

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