Congestive Heart Failure Conditions and Diet

It has been estimated that around five million people suffer in United States suffer from heart failures every year and people suffering from congestive heart failure conditions has a high percentage here. When you suffer from congestive heart failure conditions then your heart muscles would be weak and unable to pump oxygen as required by the body. There would be also be water retention in the body and water could enter the lungs and create breathing conditions. The main way to combat these medical conditions is the introduction ofcongestive heart failure diet into the lifestyle of the patient.

Congestive Heart Failure DietWhat are the basic diet guidelines to be maintained by the patient?

The main aim of a Congestive Heart Failure Diet is to reduce the strain that is undertaken by your heart, monitor the level of water retention and helping you as a patient to breathe in an easier manner. An expert dietician would limit your sodium intake to 2000 mg to 3000 mg a day and advise you to eat freshly cooked food. Water and fluid intake can also be advised.

Limit your daily sodium intake

Most of us fail to understand that the intake of sodium in good amounts leads to retention of water in your lungs, legs and even abdomen area. This could create further stress in your heart and induce complicated breathing conditions which would make the heart collapse and the patient would suffer from a heart attack. Therefore sodium intake should be reduced and pepper and lime should be added to spice up the food. When you are eating processed food the sodium content should be checked and it is best to abstain from salty fast food.

Measure your daily fluid intake

When you start measuring daily water and fluid intake the task is quite challenging. Here you not only have to limit your intake of water but also check the gravy content in food and avoid having soups and desserts. Here you would need to keep a diet log if you want a healthy life. Once your fluid intake is limited your body water retention problem would be solved,

What are the foods to be avoided?

People suffering from Congestive heart failure conditions have to take care when consuming food. Foods like tomato sauce, salted crackers, cold cuts and canned meats should be avoided at all cost. Even pickled vegetables should not be taken.

What are the foods that can be taken?

Dieticians would recommend you to have freshly cooked vegetables and fruits. When you cook them you should not add salt. You can have lean chicken and tofu which is cooked without salt. Also dairy products low in fat can be consumed as per the supervision of the doctor and the diet expert. The patient can have oatmeal with low fat milk for breakfast, followed by green vegetables cooked with no salt with bread for lunch. Finally for dinner the patient can enjoy lean chicken breast spiced with lime and pepper and 2 slices of whole wheat bread.

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